Some large or large tantalum niobium mines in China are:

Characteristics: Tantalum deposit is small in scale, low in ore grade, fine and dispersed in size, accompanied by polymetallic, resulting in difficult mining, difficult separation, difficult separation, low recovery rate; poor occurrence state, less large-scale open-pit mining. There is no independent niobium mine in China, and Nb is often associated with rare earth and tantalum.

Reserve: The lowest industrial grade index for reserve calculation of tantalum-niobium deposits stipulated in China is (Ta, Nb) 2050.016-0.028%. From most of the tantalum-niobium deposits in China, the grade is close to or slightly higher than the lowest industrial grade index. Almost none of the deposits with Ta205 grade exceeding 0.02%, while only a few carbonate type deposits with Nb205 grade exceeding 0.1%, and other types of deposits with Nb205 grade all

Tantalum and niobium reserve data show that China’s tantalum (Ta205) reserves and basic reserves are still very large in quantity, but China’s tantalum resources Ta205 grade almost no more than 0.02%. Obviously, such a low grade sleeve out of the “reserves” and foreign high-grade reserves calculated difficult to compare. Niobium is also true.

Tantalum niobium smelting and processing technology is constantly innovating.


Slurry extraction; pyrometallurgical decomposition, low acid extraction; off-line analysis, on-line analysis and microcomputer monitoring; potassium fluorotantalate cold crystallization; continuous spray precipitation process for producing low fluorine Ta205 and Nb205; peroxide precipitation process for producing high purity Ta205 and Nb205; large flow mixing-clarifying extraction tank and combined extraction equipment; using international advanced fluorine Potassium tantalate vacuum rotary drying equipment and far-infrared continuous drying equipment.

Fire metallurgy

Tantalum powder: Deoxidation method of high specific capacity tantalum powder, oxygen control method, phosphorus and nitrogen doping technology and granulation hot agglomeration technology, J, P, D, DP, W and other tantalum powder production processes have been studied, developed 10 000-30 000-70 000-80 000 mu Fv/g series export high specific capacity tantalum powder, research level more than 100 000 mu Fv/g, high pressure and high specific capacity tantalum powder one by one. A new method for reduction of tantalum oxide was studied.

Niobium powder: The production and purification of metal niobium, the production of niobium powder and other metal niobium and its alloy products by a new process of aluminothermic reduction-horizontal EB furnace refining. The research level of capacitor grade niobium powder has reached the specific volume of 100000-120000 Fv/g.